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The KPF was first established as saving scheme for employees only. Overtime, KPF saw the need to expand its coverage to those who are self-employed such as copra cutters, fisherman, etc. Recently the scheme is now opened to existing members as well.

Who are eligible?

    1. Anyone who have attained at least 18 years of age and unemployed 
    2. Existing members who are employed 


    1. Annual Interest paid to members should be more than 4% 
    2.70% of contribution can be used to support Loans from DBK, ANZ and HLAC 
    3.Existing members who are employed


    1. A voluntary member needs to complete the Voluntary Registration Form, 
    2. Existing members (employed) should complete/Sign the Voluntary Agreement form, 
    3. Birth Certificate, 
    4. 1 x Passport size photo 

How much do I need to pay?

    Minimum contribution of $5.00 per month

How do I pay?

    1. KPF Cashier at Customer Service office, ground floor (Western Side Wing) 
    2. ANZ Internet Banking (IB) to KPF Bank Account Number: 254079 with full details of the payments, e.g., KPF Member Number, Payment for which month etc. 
    3. For voluntary members on Outer Islands can pay their contribution to the respective KPF Outer Island Agents. 
    4. Ensure that receipts are provided for every payment made 


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