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This scheme was launched on 1st July 2010 to Provide financial support to members of the Kiribati Provident Fund. Its main objectives are to execute the most effective, efficient, and suitable loan services to members with a social responsibility to improve the standard living of members, assist members with financial difficulties and to provide funds for members to start their own small business. 

Who are eligible?

    1. All government employees (Public/Private), Island Councils and Seamen who are registered members of the Kiribati Provident Fund 
    2. Should fully withdraw the available KPF contribution balance 
    3. Note: If the member has a Loan Pledge and/or a KPF Loan balance, they will become part of the calculation for the withdrawal eligibility in 2 above 


    1. Employer’s confirmation letter (first time only), 
    2. Current loan statement from other loan lenders (if there is any), 
    3. Valid KPF ID card, 
    4. Recent Payslip 
    5. Bank account details 
    6. Application fee of $10.00 
    7. Authority letter if necessary 

Payments Method

To be paid direct to applicant’s bank account


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