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Nakoimi ana customer te Botaki n Kaintabwi iaon Kiribati ke e ataaki riki n arana ae KPF. Tia kawenea ikai ma te kaoriori ao te bubuti nakoimi, riki ake kam kakabongana te INTERNET BANKING n transfer ami loan repayment nakon ara account. Taiaoka nonori miin ami loan iaan te kanganga ae ti kakaitibo ma ngaai ngkai bon rorokon te mwane nakon ara account ao aki bwarabwara raoi n te aro are tiaki ataia bwa antai ana mwane ae roko iroura. Tia butii ngkami bwa kam a tutuoa ami account n te KPF rinanon te SUPERPLUS1 ke bon roko nooria n ara aobiti.

A. How to make payment to the KPF the right way?

When making payment to the KPF make sure that you check the following important notes; 

    1. The detail of payment is CLEAR AND COMPLETE. e.g., When using the Internet banking make sure that you write your KPF number/ID and full details in the “Note to recipient” or “reference to recipient (when using ANZ app)”
    2. Make sure that you enter the correct KPF bank account e.g., Use KPF bank account 254079 when paying contribution as a voluntary and KPF bank account 831558 for loan repayments.

B. What are the problems when you do not make your payment to KPF the right way?

    1. Payment sender cannot be identified by the KPF and regarded as an unknown
    2. Posting to your account or employees account will be delayed.
    3. Kamatata iaon buokakimi kam reitaki nakon te meeri ae, This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. ao tareboon aika 74021153,75021153 & 73047335


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The Member's Loan Scheme is the scheme for the member's to enable them to borrow part of the KPF Fund and to Return it with Interests


The main purpose of this Loan Scheme is to:

  • improve the Standard Living of the members
  •  Assist with financial difficulties 
  • To assist members financially in fulfilling their small business development 
  • To faster economic growth and more....

which are inline with the Kiribati National Development Plan


  • Must be Active KPF members 
  • Permanent Employment
  •  Active Employer

Purpose of Loan

The purpose of the Loan is general and can be one of the following

  • New Purchase 
  • Cultural Events
  • Refinancing 
  • Education 
  • Small Business assistance
  • and more....

Why Choose Us?

  • No deposit required
  • Lowest fees charged
  • Lowest interest rate charged 
  • Fast & Efficient Service
  • Income yields will sustain good returns

Required Document

  • KPF Valid ID Card 
  • Pay Slip Latest 
  • Certified Loan Status from other Loan Lenders
  •  Evidence of Employment Duration & Status 
  • And other relevant document

Loan Limit

60% of Unpledged amount of KPF Pledge Limit (70% of KPF Balance)

Fees and Interest Rate

  • Application fee $10.00
  • Establishment Fee
  • $20.00 if Loan Amount   <= $2000.00
  • $50.00 if Loan Amount >$2000.00 & = $4000.00
  • 3% >$4000.00
  • Penalty Fee
  • $5.00 per month
  • Administration Fee
  • $5.00 per month
  • Interest Rate
  • 8.5% per month

Repayment Amount

The repayment amount is negotiable to increase it.

             !!!No Deposit, Lowest Interest Rate, The Lowest Fees, Fast & Efficient, NOW 50% ELIGIBILITY!!!  


Voluntary Contribution

Join want to speed up your benefits at KPF? come join us with our Voluntary scheme. For those who do not have employment, this is your chance.

How to join?

Just come and fill in our voluntary form and state the monthly amount of more or equal to $5.00 you will remit to your KPF account

Who are eligible?

Every one is eligible who has reached the age of 14 years old & has a source of income

FYI:Current Vouluntary Contibutors are:

Copra cutters & fishermen (Taan oroben ao taan akawa ake iaon abaa,Seamen, Seasonal worker etc) Family Business/Small Business (taan karikirake iaon Tarawa,taan tonati........etc),All members/employees willing to add more to their normal contribution ( taan mwakuri ake a kan kabirimwaka aia kaintabwi)

Are you newly recruited by your employer?

Register now with KPF-important document to provide are

  • Birth Certificate 
  • Photo (passport size) 
  • Fill "KPF Form 3" Employer registration form

Benefits from Voluntary

Voluntary contributor free from penalty such as surcharges for late payments of contribution to the fund and also entitled to an Interest every financial year ended as the same with normal contributors.

What if your employer does not pay your contributions?

For problems like the above, contact Compliance Team immediately. File your complaints & we will deal with it soon: Remember that years of more than 6 years back will not be considered


Have you ever decide who you would nominate in your KPF benefits? Nominees: They will receive benefits according to the portions you’ve wanted upon death of member. Note: You can change you nomination whenever you want. This is to avoid the conflict between family for the distribution of member credit once the member died. 


  • Late payments of contributions 
  • Giving fault & untrue information to KPF Inspectors 
  •  Failure to provide necessary documents required during inspections
  •  Having made any deductions from employee’s pay & fails to pay to KPF 
  • Fail to notify KPF your business operation cessation 


  • Surcharge fee applied 5% 
  • Fine of $500 + 2 yrs imprisonment 
  •  Fine of $500 + 2 yrs imprisonment 
  •  $1000 fine + 2 yrs in prison + Payment of total unpaid + Late penalty 5% + forgone interest 
  •  Still liable to all employers’ legal obligations  

!!!Remember: The Sooner you become the member, the sooner and the faster your account balance will increase!!!


KPF New Complex at Kiritimati Island picture and features

  • 24 rentabel rooms of 27sqm to 36sqm floor size
  • 6 accommedation apartments(single & couple)
  • 100+ conference room capacity with bar and catering facilities
  • Open space courtyard for stage events
  • Accessible ramps
  • Tenants & Visitors carparks
  • Public toilet and amenities
  • Luxary rooms with quality finishes and eco-friendly services and utilities


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