(1) KPF Agent/Engineer,Kiritimati Island

 KPF is pleased to invite interested and potential candidates for the position of KPF Agent/Engineer to be stationed in Ronton Kiritimati. This is a based contract and minimum of 2 years subjected to annual performance to be reviewed. The position is needed as soon as possible for those interested.

The KPF Agent/Engineer is a representative of KPF and will act at all times in the best interest of KPF in the execution of his or her duties. The Agent will supervise, monitor and report progress of all construction works of the New KPF Complex Commercial Building to ensure that the construction conforms strictly with the approved building plan, construction activity plan, instructions by the Board of Directors and the relevant laws of the Republic of Kiribati. This will include all relevant issues that would likely impede the smooth implementation of the project.

The Details for the post downloaded HERE 



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